How to change my icon on tumblr

2019-11-18 05:02 Jan 02, 2013 since the tumblr app can't let you change your icon you'll have to go on your computer and do it. go to settings under apps it has your blog click on it at the very top it has your icon and blog title under the blog title it says change avatar click on it and you can choose a new icon

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Cam's Blog Cam Gould's seldom updated& poor excuse for a blog GitHub Instagram Twitter How to change your Tumblr blog avatar 4th Dec, 2012 by Cam. Updated April 2015. Tumblr have made it surprisingly difficult to change your blog avatar (profile picture). If you are having trouble changing the avatar for your Tumblr blog, follow these easy steps. how to change my icon on tumblr

The settings you can tweak are the following: URL: Change the URL of your blog. Theme: Change the appearance of your blog. Replies: Allow replies to your posts. Ask: Allow people to ask you questions. Submissions: Allow people to submit posts on your blog. Queue: Automatically publish posts How do you change your icon on the new Tumblr: S then click on the the section where your icon is on the left hand side& then it should open up the setting to change your icon: ) god i hope that made sense. ziamcomicblog said: Tumblr often changes its layouts at the regular time distant to make it fresh and feel like updated just like you want to change your icon on Tumblr. How to Change Icon on Tumblr Some of the Tumblr themes come with Avatar or icon uploader. how to change my icon on tumblr Jun 11, 2011 How do I change my tumblr icon? Where can I change my icon on Tumblr? How do I change my tumblr icon? Answer Questions. I kept Unliking Pictures on Instagram and My Instagram Account got Disabled? Is it possible to upload a video on Instagram s carousel from a computer without quality loss? (So far this possible only for photos. )? We will change our icon on Tumblr. Are you wonder? How we will change the icon of our blog? Dont be panic because on Tumblr, icon is your profile photo. Its also called as Avatar but if you want to customize your Dashboard then its possible you can really change the look of your Dashboard Background, icons and much more. Apr 14, 2019 On the left pane, click Change desktop icons. To change the font size of the icons on your desktop, refer to these steps: Rightclick on your desktop. Click View. Select the font size you prefer for your desktop icon. Should you have further questions, feel free to get back to us. Dec 17, 2011 Answers. because of the fact the tumblr app won't be ready to allow you alter your icon you will ought to circulate on your pc and do it. circulate to settings below apps it has your blog click on it on the very suitable it has your icon and blog call below the blog call it says substitute avatar click on it and you will elect a clean icon.

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